Designed for the Automotive industry

Built on over 30 years operational experience in automotive supply chain, the Unify suite of software products is designed from the ground up to increase capability, control process and ultimately reduce business risk.

Created to not only meet the technical EDI standards, but to support your business through the operational pitfalls of dealing with the automotive industry.

More than just EDI, Unify is designed to work in harmony with your existing accounting, ERP or WMS software and is available as either a cloud based SaaS solution or on premise for those Enterprises wishing to install locally.

Intelligent Interface

Unify EDI has been designed first and foremost to be easy to use.

Behind the scenes the Unify algorithims are doing the hard work based on years of operational experience - from intelligently populating fields based on knowledge of the supply chain with cleverly designed workflows to reduce errors, to providing relevant warnings and alerts prior to ASN transmission.

The system is ultimately designed to reduce errors and increase accuracy of data transmission.


The Unify Dashboard places all the essential information immediately to hand.

With a range of alerts and at a glance information covering CUM inbalances, latest message integrity and (depending on subscription) SUperG/SIM & SPEEDY status plus CHEP account alerts.

Order Processing

Straight forward & process driven order workflows built in.

Configure the way you handle orders, whether the system outputs confirmed orders to your internal system or you want to handle orders within Unify. The orders module caters for documentation and confirmation prior to ASN.

Labels & Shipping Docs

Unify has sophisticated label and document generation process designed to reduce errors.

Create certified labels based on direct EDI data and pre-configured packaging spec's by part & location, let Unify ensure the right document is produced at the right time.


Everything starts with correctly configured product creation.

Unify allows you to predetermine everything required for seamless data flow at part level, upload EU1121, preset packaging by plant, pricing & CUM values limiting manual data creation for ASN's.


Any data stored within Unify can be retrieved in report format.

Our intelligent forecast reports allow stock + in transit/WIP data to be uploaded and overlayed against EDI demand, providing an accurate overview of the supply chain highlighting issues before they become major problems.

Logs & User Management

The number of user accounts is not limited with Unify.

Create multiple user accounts with detailed control on user permissions and type. Unify allows you to see every action performed in Unify by user via our log reporting tools.

CHEP Asset Management

With EDI links to CHEP Portfolio plus, the Unify system will simultaneously message CHEP on submission of ASN advising asset movement preventing manual errors or costly delays. The system will also recommend CHEP order quantities based on your pre-configured minimum days stock holding and latest EDI order file.

In addition Unify will also highlight any CHEP asset reversals made by the receiving plants as they happen and any shipping errors made by CHEP are highlighted on receipt. All designed to ensure your physical, book and reconiled stock match.


The Unify system has been designed to minimise the opportunity for points loss, however it is inevitable deductions will occur requiring dispute. Keeping on top of any changes to your scores is essential, especially as the dispute window has a short and finite timeframe.

In addition to our robust data analysis processes Unify has an optional SuperG & SIM/SPEEDY module (included with Enterprise subscriptions). This module provides unique integration with the SuperG, SIM & SPEEDY points systems, allowing a live view of your latest scores from within Unify and alerts via popups, email and even texts. Unify provides dispute process management, with trackable task managers for users and handy templates to ensure disputes are created correctly

There is nothing worse than unrecoverable points due to an incorrectly created or late dispute - this is a thing of the past with the Unify Points Management Module.

Points Summary

View latest points scores at summary or detailed level.

Compare with historic scores and see the latest dispute activities undertaken by your organisation.


Be aware the moment your score changes

Unify will provide on-screen alerts via the dashboard and can be configured to send out emails and even text alerts to nominated users.

Dispute Manager

Disputes have to be created in a specific manner

Use the built-in dispute manager to keep a track of dispute status's

Support & Training

We offer full training and support, not only for the full suite of Unify products but also Automotive supply in general.

Book a workshop session or organise on site consultancy to discover more about eDDL, Covisint, SNC & MMOG/LE completion.

Unify support is included with all subscriptions and we have a range of setup training options that can be tailored to your exact requirements.

Subscription Based Pricing

Unify can be configured to work in a number of ways and with a range of features to choose from. We can tailor the solution to your particular requirements and only charge for the features you use.

Because Unify is based around a straightforward monthly or annual subscription fee, we don't charge upfront purchase fees or additional support / data / licensing fees. The below packages represent our suggested subscription plans but each can be tailored to suit your business.


Unify Core is the entry point to the Unify platform and includes the key benefits

  • Easy to use web interface
  • Unlimited users
  • Support included
  • Sophisticated CUM management & alert notifications
  • Free version updates
  • Certified OFTPv2 EDI Connection
  • Receive, view & print messages
  • Create & transmit ASN's

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All the benefits of our Core software with more controls and document pack

  • All the benefits of Unify.EDI Core
  • Process driven pick management
  • Create Edibar certified box / pallet labels
  • Create customer approved delivery notes & invoices
  • Provide a portal for your suppliers to view selected EDI data

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Push XML files to your system and advanced label control for 'A' class MMOG status

  • All the benefits of Unify.EDI Core+
  • Business Intelligence - supply chain management reports
  • Import / export files to & from your system
  • Advanced label validation controls
  • Attain Ford MMOG 'A' Class Status

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In addition to our dedicated Automotive solutions, we also have our standalone mailbox application which can handle all variations of EDIFACT and OFTPv2 encryption standards. With Mailbox we provide a dedicated interface to the engine that drives Unify.EDI - allowing automated encryption / decryption of EDI messeges between any system.

  • Automated message handling between systems
  • Configurable output file format and custom mapping
  • Integrate EDI messages seamlessly to your existing system
  • Store data to be added and transmitted on EDI messages

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Designed for larger organisations our Enterprise platform includes all features and updates and can be installed locally.

  • SuperG data presented live on the Unify dashboard
  • Automated CHEP management module with integration to CHEP Portfolio+
  • GPP Packaging module
  • MMOG Support
  • Full EDI mapping customisation possible
  • Includes our Mailbox software
  • All the benefits of Unify.EDI Advanced

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